Be aware.

Only then you can change.

At Cloud-Wise Ltd, our mission is to create a world with safer roads using sensors, mobile and IoT, machine learning, and behavioral science. We have developed the I-Sticker, a complete behavioral analytics solution, to increase awareness and improve safety for the connected car world.  I-Sticker provides real insight on driver behavior and vehicle dynamics to insurance companies, fleet managers, automobile manufacturers, families with new drivers, etc., and is being used successfully in a wide range of applications.
So much more than JUST location

Our ground-breaking I-Sticker is a wireless and complete multi-sensor analytic device for extracting insights on driving behaviors and vehicle dynamics.

Analyze and improve driving safety

Our I-Sticker android and iOS mobile apps allow for drivers to access dataon-the-go and also acts as the telematic interface

web-based management portal

I-Sticker back office portal allows managers, companies and parents intensive reporting capabilities (online or scheduled and delivered automatically to your email daily, weekly and monthly)


Awareness is the key

Not interference

I-Sticker does not interfere nor infringe upon the drivers focus, yet they are aware that extreme or harsh actions are logged and reported.  This has shown to have an extreme impact on safe driving habits.  Research has shown that significant results are evident in under 30 days of using the I-Sticker.