Key Benefits


  • Hassle-free sign in: I-Sticker app serves as a digital ID for drivers

  • Recorded personal vs work usage

  • Feedback on driving behavior: Monitor and compare driving behavior with other team members

Fleet Managers

  • Analyze driver behavior:  compare and reward drivers and teams for driving behavior

  • Create, manage and track teams: track vehicle location, team location and status

  • View trip history: view entire trips with speeding and hard-braking occurrences and locations

  • Search drivers in targeted areas: identify vehicles and drivers in no-go areas

Fleet Owners

  • Improved awareness of assets: real-time location tracking of entire fleet

  • Fewer accidents: sustainable improvements in driving behavior

  • Higher operational efficiency: lower maintenance costs, higher fuel efficiency

Insurance companies

  • Superior risk models: improved risk stratification and premium pricing

  • Fewer and less severe crashes: improved claims and loss ratios

  • Higher user engagement and satisfaction: live touchpoint, real-time feedback and gamification