I - S T I C K E R

  • Most people strive for self-improvement in all areas of life, including driving.

  • No one is perfect and too often we are presented with distractions that lead to unsafe behavior.  


  • By accurately measuring driving quality with a variety of sensors, and providing feedback, I-Sticker creates better drivers.


  • Users see an 20%-30% average reduction of poor driving habits within 30 days or less of using the I-Sticker.

I-STICKER Program Components

Cloud-Wise’ I-Sticker program is a complete telematics and behavioral analytics solution for the connected car world. It consists of three components to accurately measure driving performance and vehicle dynamics:

The Unit

The I-Sticker real-time device has multiple sensors and antennas to collect and transmit raw driving data to our cloud-based servers.  Our patented algorithms for data collection, battery efficiency and power management are ground-breaking.  The I-Sticker requires no installation whatsoever and is solar powered. 

Just Stick and Go

• Vehicle scoring, even without phone
• Collision detection and impact analysis, near-zero misses

• No installation
• Solar powered
• Compact size and design: 16.5 x 4.5 x 1 cm

The Mobile App

Cloud-Wise uses machine learning and statistics to accurately infer key metrics about vehicle mileage, road types, speed, acceleration patterns and collisions.  It collects and transmits data from the I-Sticker unit which can be tailored to gather information from other sources, such as OBD-II devices.

The Web Management Portal

The Cloud-Wise servers store the driving data for report processing, such as log books, routes, harsh braking or turning, driver identification, over-speeding, geofences and more.