A comprehensive sensor-based telematics solution providing critical insights on driver behavior and vehicle location.

The frequency and severity of vehicle accidents are on the rise, resulting in increased claims and contributing to higher loss ratios.  To address this alarming trend, commercial insurance companies are seeking solutions to better assess risk, reduce dangerous driving behavior and improve claims processes.  Fleet owners want programs that focus on improving the safety and performance of their drivers and reducing lost work days and occupational fatalities.  The I‑Sticker Fleet Program is designed to address the needs of both parties.


The I‑Sticker Fleet Program consists of an I-Sticker device, affixed to the windshield, the I‑Sticker smartphone app, telematics processing with patented big data analytics, and a web portal for management and reporting. With the I-Sticker Fleet Program, drivers are motivated to improve their score via training and encouragement from fleet managers.


Mobile App + Sticker for Drivers
  • On and off duty trip recording

  • Driver identification

  • Route history views on map

  • Feedback on driving behavior

  • Historical graphs and comparatives

  • Collision Detection and crash forensics

Web Portal for Fleets & Insurance companies
  • Monitor Driving behaviors (motivate to improve)

  • Track team locations & status

  • Trip History (sequential drives in period)

  • Driver Reports (driver scores and trip histories)

  • Track vehicle mileage

  • Maintenance calendars and reminders

  • Manage users, devices, teams, groups, etc


For Automotive Insurance companies
  • Improved Claims Ratio
    Significant reduction in claims frequency and severity

  • Better Risk Assessment
    Improved risk modeling through wealth of data

  • Collision Detection & Crash Forensics
    Real-time collision detection reduces cost of FNOL, crash forensics helps in recreating crash scenario

  • Fault Analysis
    Based on speed, location, impact and g-force, the fault can be readily identified if your driver is not at fault.

For Fleet Owners
  • Improved Driving Behavior

  • Feedback to drivers, gamification for motivating change, reporting to fleet managers for coaching

  • Streamlined Operations

  • Measuring team and individual performances against milestones, leaderboards and schedules

  • Employee Safety

  • Reduction in accidents and claims, reduction in moving violations, crash detection and impact alerts

For Private Owners
  • Driver ID
    Each route and event is identified according to the mobile phone user

  • Teen Drivers
    Let your young drivers know that they being monitored to encourage safe driving habits

  • Maintenance
    Keep track of mileage to schedule maintenance