The Right Way

The Cloud-Wise mission is to make the world’s roads safer using mobile sensing and IoT, machine learning, and behavioral science. We have developed I-Sticker, a turn-key telematics and behavioral analytics solution, to improve safe driving habits for the connected car world.  I‑Sticker provides insights on driver behavior and vehicle dynamics to insurance companies, fleets, auto manufacturers and is being used successfully around the world.

Founded in 2016 by two experienced entrepreneurs, Cloud-Wise developed the I-Sticker as a location device which does not require installation, therefore putting the vehicle at risk due to hacking the CAN bus and electrical systems and annulling the warranty.

We have an outstanding team of experts in mobile sensing and IoT, machine learning, big data analytics, and statistics. We are working on innovative technologies and products that will changing the connected-vehicle ecosystem:

The autonomous vehicle will require not one, but many, integrated systems.
We will be one of them.

One of the dividends coming out of this wireless and solar-powered technology, and borne out of necessity, is our patented low-power location technology called
Inertial Curve Correction (ICC)
Since we use solar power to keep our battery charged, and since GPS requires a lot of power (we’ve all experienced the battery drain on our mobile phones when navigating with GPS), Cloud-Wise needed to find a way to determine location without GPS. 

Since we are eliminating GPS dependency, and still maintaining high accuracy positioning, this patented innovation can be used where GPS is not available, i.e. underground parking, tunnels, urban areas, mountainous areas, etc.

ICC is partially incorporated into the I-Sticker algorithms and we will continue developing it and bring it to market, with the continued support of the Israeli Innovation Authority and private investors.  If you are interested in partnering with us as we develop the ICC, please contact us.