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Cloud-wise Services Platform

Join the Future of Driving

Experience the future of driving with Cloud-wise. Unlock new services such as fuel, charging, tolls, and parking, while seamlessly integrating with insurance providers and third-party collaborations. Drive smarter, stay connected, and be part of the connected car revolution.



Cloud-Wise launches Cloud Wise Services (CWS), a unique platform that interfaces with car multimedia and smartphones.

It enables car manufacturers, insurance companies, and service providers to be part of the connectivity revolution.

CWS is a new SAAS platform delivering a one-stop-shop user experience for road services including gas station payments, electric car charging, parking payments, toll road payments, and discount programs to insurance companies (UBI) by gathering car data such as mileage, driving duration, and driver’s course.

The technology has been successfully implemented in several car fleets in Europe and is expected to be implemented in several world-renowned companies in the automotive and insurance industries. In addition, the company achieved success with POC (Proof of Concept) testing performed that included vehicle crash tests.

Cloud Wise Services (CWS) SAAS software enables gathering and identifying car data in real-time either by using a module integrated into the automobile as a part of the car’s native onboard computer or with the patented I-Sticker device that targets the aftermarket industry. 

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